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Mona El Mansouri

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

(Angela Davis)

Munich native, German, daughter of an Egyptian: Mona El Mansouri is one of the first female advertising film directors in Germany – – and has been working internationally successfully in the fields of film, advertising and marketing for 20 years.

In addition, she is a single mother of an energetic son (footballer / defender at Real Mallorca). Mona has been living with her son and horses on Mallorca for 20 years.

Following the free path of her independent – and for her time, extremely rebellious – mother, she did not bow to any dictation early on. This has opened up many possibilities for her, she has seized opportunities, made decisions that others did not dare to make.

Mona El Mansouri admires independent and unbiased personalities. Personalities who possess skills that are also indispensable for managers.

Her collaboration as a director with companies such as Coca Cola, Beiersdorf, Volkswagen, Opel, Toyota, Skoda, Guiness, Beck’s Bier, Manchester United and others has repeatedly shown her that there are very few, very few women in management positions. Mona El Mansouri’s work as a coach stems from her desire to support women in entering management positions and to promote them in their careers as decision-makers.

Women's power!

Men still don’t trust women to do much. Women still don’t trust themselves enough.

Women are often kept small. Women often make themselves small, they do not make full use of their abilities and do not dare to take the lead. They often get less money and recognition for the same job than men.

Mona El Mansouri: “I would like to pass on the knowledge of how to exist and be successful in an area dominated by men”.

"Through my work with horses, I encourage you
to tackle and realize your dreams."

My horses in Majorca

In addition to her love for film, Mona El Mansouri always had a second love, the horses: “Through my horses, I have always managed to find the spiritual and physical balance in a very stressful profession.

Mona El Mansouri’s passions, communication and horses come together and complement each other in her work as a horse-supported coach.

In order to better understand these creatures psychologically and physically, Mona has studied TCM / Traditional Chinese Medicine for Horses and is a trained acupuncturist for horses.

Mona El Mansouri is a certified coach for horse-supported coaching – Franziska Müller Akademie

Mona El Mansouri is a certified wingwave Coach – wingwave Zentrum München

Mona is in current training on the Dr. Bock Coaching academy in Berlin –

“The most urgent and important question of life is:


(Martin Luther King)

Certified wingwave Coach

wingwave Centre Munich

Certified Coach for horse-supported coaching

F. Müller Akademie

Certified Acupuncturist for horses

Barbara Welter-Boeller