Be rebellious and feminine

The sobering one first: only 8% women can be found in german boardsrooms.

This is unthinkable in countries like the US, UK or Sweden.

There it is socially unacceptable to have no woman on the board.

What are these other countries doing differently?

They may have stronger and more confident men on the boards, who hire women because of their education and strength – without pressure and quota?

One that has made it, in Germany is Manuela Rousseau, board member in the Beiersdorf  Group.

She has written a book: „We need women who dare“.

I have not read it yet but the title is promising.

She has given the magazine SPIEGEL ONLINE an interview, that begins with the provocative headline: „Women should stop baking cake“.

That leads me to a conversation, that I recently had with a friend.

She found, that all the women she knows, and held senior positions or make a career loose their femininity. They are getting harder, more masculine so to say. And according to her – also unsympathetic. They are not nice anymore. They are now Alpha-women.

This resulted in a heated discussion between us – starting with the general question of whether one must be an  A (!)…. to get to the top. No matter whether man or woman. This assumption seems tob e really persistent. If you want to get up – you must be an ice cold guy. A human who uses his elbows in the fight to the top, a human going over dead bodies.

I believe that we have taken over this thinking from generation to generation, and that is outdated. The future looks different.

Of course, the path is not always easy but rocky – but it depends on how we then work the stones!

The way up should be fun in the first place! Yes, EXACTLY fun! 

I find this point immensely important because then we also look at obstacles from a different perspective!

Determination and stamina, time and energy are self-evident companions of this path.

And more and more applies tot he people traceability.


When we go forward with passion, then it is easier for us to take obstacles with more ease. This applies to both – men and women.

Yes, I believe that a woman should always be a little better, not necessarily harder or masculine.

She is able to make her appereance charming and convincing and to speak clearly.

She can boldly and confidentially come first and not settle for the second series.

And in my opinion she must not to act like a man-woman.

What do you think about this topic?