Charisma training can as easily be transmitted online as in person. Practising together via videochat prepares you even better for modern leadership.
Charisma training is very important to me as a director of over 1000 commercials in over 20 years. I know how people look and how they should look. And I know what makes the difference between real charisma and an average charisma. The impressive and sovereign appearance of a person is less about an outward appearance, but rather about an inner attitude, about charisma. And charisma can be trained.
This special inner attitude, coupled with an awareness of how your voice and body language work, allows you to quickly achieve success on the path to becoming a charismatic leader.
If you want to optimise your self-efficacy and self-confidence, I recommend my Charisma Training.

7 steps to a charismatic appearance:

    • Become aware of your strengths and accept your weaknesses.
    • Train your empathy by taking yourself less important and others the more
    • Learn humility. An extremely important factor in being able to lead people
    • Practise to listen, which is a big part of smart and modern leadership.
    • Understand how to be authentic and become much more relaxed and content.
    • Learn how employees flourish under your leadership and follow you
      enthusiastically because you value them.
    • Get people to follow you because you care about them.

Through Charisma Training you learn to be a leader with heart and mind.
Become real!