My silent heroes

The horses run like a thread through my life. Already as a child I had my first riding lessons and dreamed of an own horse.

It took a while until this dream came true…

In the years of building my career as a commercial director, it was out of the question to  own a horse.

With almost 40 years it was time. I thought back then when, if not now – and bought my first spanish Stallion….what began as a hobby quickly became more, much more…

My horses have accompanied me through all the ups and downs, they were and are a wonderful source of power for me.

I can say that a life without the horses is no longer conceivable for me.

Their noblesd being, their willingness to trust man, make me humble daily.

I am in the Here and Now with the horses.

And that`s exactly what makes coaching unique with them.

Non-horse-people may not understand it – which is perfectly ok.

In my coachings, however, I see people who have never touched a horse before quickly engage with them and let the horses guide them.

I am very happy, that I can use my passion for horses in combination with coaching to help my clients get closer to their goals.

Even Her Majesty – the Queen of England – undoubtedly  a true leader! – enjoys from childhood on, the charisma of horses.

Queen Elisabeth still rides almost daily at the age of 92 years!

Recently she was asked by a reporter why she was not wearing a riding helmet, but still wearing her Hermes-headscarf…after all, safety ist he most important thing – no matter of age…

Here is her wonderful english answer:

„Good man, if you had my hair-do, you would not wear a riding helmet!“

Typical woman just…