Life Coaching mit Pferden

Coaching with horses - Majorca

Mona El Mansouri

Coaching for women, who want MORE

Women often want to satisfy everyone and everything – and forget themselves in the process.

In the balancing act between job, career, family, upbringing and partnership, one’s own needs are neglected.

You can change that – put yourself first. Demand MORE

More from life

Do you want to change and continue to develop?

Are you dissatisfied with your current situation?

More opportunities

What do you long for?

Do you want to give your life a new direction?

More clarity

Do you seek new challenges?

Do you want to de-stress?

Life coaching – Majorca

Achieve goals

Equine coaching helps you ...

to work smarter not harder

communicate more clearly 

meet your own needs not those of others

discover your goals and how to achieve them 

fullfil your potential

harnass your power

improve your team leadership

build your inner strength

Your Women Coach in Majorca

Your women coach in Majorca

Mona El Mansouri

Together with my HORSES I will show you how to tackle whatever is troubling you in a surprisingly playful yet respectful way. We work together to develop solutions and create YOUR version!