Life Coaching mit Pferden

Life Coaching with horses - Majorca

Horses are the mirror of our soul

Coaching with horses

Horses make visible the invisible

These wonderful animals are highly sensitive creatures that live in the here and now. As flight animals, they are extremely perceptive. We use this sensitivity to work with you. Free of prejudice and unerring, they give immediate and often amazing reactions. And they show whoever is opposite exactly where the problem lies. This is exactly why they are the best at revealing emotions. They accept everyone, no matter their status or appearance.

How Life-Coaching works

We define YOUR coaching goal

As part of a detailed conversation, we tackle your topic in depth. Handling and interacting with my horses reflects your topic directly and transferring the knowledge gained into practice comes quickly. We build upon the experiences learned and make them useful in practice. These new experiences are applied directly to the topic you wish to discuss and addressed in a solution-based way.

Life coaching with horses


Coaching eye to eye

The training leads you to become more aware of your potential, your inner power and your strengths, so that you can quickly begin to take steps toward resolution and act accordingly.

No knowledge of or experience with horses is needed. Our coaching doesn’t take place while riding, but instead from the ground, literally seeing eye-to-eye with the horse.

Of yourse, the safety factor comes first.

You are carefully guided tot he horse. It comes to a first contact and you take the horse step by step true.

Depending on the topic, there are different exercises.

For example, if you want to work on your appearance and self-confidence, even the first exercise – leading a horse – can make a difference. A horse engages humans when their posture and radiation sends the right signals.

Do you have in your everyday life, for example problems with the topic „setting limits“? The basic exercise – to stop a horse at your command – often leads to a prompt „awesome“ experience.

Coaching with horses as a mediator gives you a different perspective on your situation. You discover more of your abilities that have been sleeping in you for years. You will become more aware of your unique potential and thus more successful.