Life Coaching mit Pferden

Leadership and Teambuilding Coaching with horses – Majorca

Successfully implementing visions together.

„There's something about the outside of a horse, that`s good for the inside of a man“

(Sir Winston Churchill)

Seminars Leaders / Team Building

A good corporate culture reflects both female and male strengths.

Studies show that mixed teams are the most successful.

What makes a commercially and materially successful company?

Bring your employees to bloom

As a director I am used to leading a team of 35 and more people.

It is crucial for the success of a film to inspire the individual members of a crew for their own vision and to ensure that the creativity of all those involved contributes to the result.

I hold in the truest sense of the word the reins of all departments in the hand.

This also applies to the successful manager of a company.

With his empathy, intuition and experience, a good leader manages to discover and strengthen the resources of all participants.

Do you know at which point in the company, which employee feels particularly well and is capable of very special achievements?

Inspire your team

Always look fort he strengths of an employee, not his weaknesses

Stay solution-oriented in every situation

Understand problems read change and change possibilities

With these gifts, which are trainable through mindfulness, the leader manages to get the full potential out of his team.

Growing together

Successful team-building

Grow together with your team

The horses show you the way.

This process is similar to the life of a herd of horses:

The herd is only able to survive and – figuratively – successful if all horses know their place, accept it and hold together.

In my Equine coaching you learn to reflect yourself.

You will perceive yourself and your environment more consciously

Life Coaching with horses helps you to stimulate positive change processes in your company.

So peak successes are feasible.

To move and motivate a team

Implement visions

The vision of a leader includes all employees.

A leader:

Motivates and moves a team -with respect, mindfulness, attention and trust.

Ensures respectful and honest communication.

Bundles the energies of all those involved and uses this joint strength successfully.

Knows the wishes of his team and is consciously commited to working together.

Leadership Coaching

Life Coaching - Majorca

Learn from horses

A horse can only be „persuaded“ to cooperate and follows us voluntarily and joyfully – if it fully accepts and trusts the human being.

We can learn a lot from this sensitive living being.

Horses make man.

(Indian proverb)

I would be delighted if I have aroused your interest and curiosity.

An exciting journey with the horses awaits you – a journey that is fun, that makes you want to change yourself and presents leadership in a different light.